API to retrieve the Personal Access token in JIRA?

Is there a api in jira that can be used to retrieve the Personal Access Token?

Hello @krishnanayak,

Thanks for raising this question :slight_smile:

I think that it can be provided via the REST API, as it’s posted here:

Creating PATs using REST API
Send a POST HTTP request with the following body:

  "name": "tokenName",
  "expirationDuration": 90

Though the expirationDuration parameter, you can define the number of days for which your token will remain valid.
to the following address:


In response, you’ll receive the PAT.

I hope you can find this useful :wink:

Please, let me know if this has work for you.


thanks. will try this and see if works for our use case. I tried to look at the available api but there is nothing that talks about retrieving an already create PAT