Behaviors no longer working in Jira?

I am going crazy. We updated our Jira instance to the latest. Scriptrunner did not have a valid update for that version of Jira, until a few days ago. So I was hoping this was the cause.

However after updating the ScriptRunner 8.8.0 the problem still persists. All of my Behaviors, which were working a week or two ago… all do absolutely nothing. And all indicate that they executed correctly. They are almost all pretty simple things.

And it 100% is mapped to a JSM project/issue.

Here is a simple example. We have a drop down for some pre-populated templates for one of our issues/requests. So in the below example, if you selected “option1” from the select list, it would prefill in the description, and make it read only. If you remove the selection, or select something different, the description field clears itself.

I have been running this for a couple years now with no issues until now.

def selectListField = getFieldById("customfield_12900")
def selectListValue = selectListField.value
def textField = getFieldByName("Description")
def text = "Pre-made text stuff here"
if (selectListValue == "option1") {
} else {
   textField.setFormValue(" ")

Losing my mind on what’s going on here. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hey @wstewart3 the fastest way to get help on this issue is to raise a support ticket. You can do so here..

I have alerted our support team on your issue so they will look out for your submission. These forums are not always monitored so your best bet is the support portal to get a quick resolution.

Our support team responds to tickets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

@wstewart3 our developers have said please raise a support ticket as we will need a support zip and probably a har file or two to see if behaviours are doing anything on the issue view/screens side.
The use case given is simple. If it is not running, then we will have to look at the logs.
Please could you add logging to your scripts to see if they show in the diagnostic output

The log.warn seems to only show the initial page load, but not for field changes. I generated a HAR file and submitted a ticket, thank you!

Thanks @wstewart3 we got your ticket!