Comparing Two field values in JQL

I know that we can use the “issueFunction in expression” to compare two fields. See the following for
reference Calculations

However, this works for fields that have no spaces in the name, i.e.
issueFunction in expression(“”, “creator != reporter”)

How do you do this for same search for a custom field that has a space in the name? I cannot get it to work, even if I reference the custom field notation.
issueFunction in expression(“”, “summary != custom field”) does not work
issueFunction in expression(“”, “summary != cf[11111]”) does not work


Hi - not sure if you saw this on the page you mentioned:

Custom field names are likely to have spaces, which can’t be parsed. If so, remove the spaces. It’s not case-sensitive but use camel-case for maximum readability. If your field names have any other punctuation you must use the format customfield_12345.

So in your example you could use CustomField.

cheers, jamie