Custom field in Jira Cloud

Hello there,

is there a way to create a custom field in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, so that this field is only visible for a certain user group, and if so, how do I do it?


Due to the limitations that Jira cloud has, i think the only way to do it is creating the custom field using a Forge App

Thank you for your reply! Could you maybe tell me how this could be done specifically?

Hi @ingmar.heinrich It’s long to explain, i can try to guide you, but you should need to have some development knowledge to accomplish that.
At first, you should review the examples that atlassian provides,
Later, to create the custom field, you should use the UI Kit components,

I know this is not easy, so for that reason, in adaptavist we have a paid service where we provide this type of developments to the users. In that service we will analyse and estimate you request and we will do it for you. You can open the request here if you are interested, Jira Service Management