Custom hierarchy selectable list based on issues, not values

Hi all,
I’m looking for a way to create some sort of section/field in issue pages (create/edit and view screens) to show a list of items (imagine many issue picker fields order by 2 level hierarchy) and to be able to select them one by one or by selecting the upper level issue and automatically this will select all his lower level items.

the selection should be searchable


You can use issue picker fields: Issue Picker

You can use the value of any other field current set in the form to control the list of issues that will be displayed, or to default the value etc.

Sure, but can I set a hierarchy view of the issue picker search list?
Lets say I’m defining the JQL to bring Epics and their linked tasks, Is there a way to manipulate the issue picker drop down list to see 2 level hierarchy? Epics and below them linked tasks?