Details of files committed against a jira ticket

is it possible to get details the files committed against a jira ticket from the dev status panel? We want to updated a field if a certain type of file is commited. this is using purely scriptrunner for jira.

Hi @krishnanayak i’m not sure about what are you asking exactly, but looks like you need a a listener that get the attachments added.
Yo can do it on the following way:

if (issueEvent.eventTypeId == ISSUE_UPDATED_EVENT_TYPE_ID) {
    List<String> attachmentNames = []
    issueEvent.changeLog.getRelated('ChildChangeItem').each { change ->
        if (change.field == 'Attachment') {
            if (!change.oldstring) attachmentNames.add(change.newstring as String)

and from the names you can get the extension of the files or whatever you need.
Let me know if this is what you are looking for.
Thanks, Ivan.

i am actually trying to get the files names from the Dev Status panel. the idea is update a flag in Jira if certain files are commited or are part of a PR:

I never work with that, so i can’t give you any concrete answer. Sorry. But Adaptavist has a paid service that develops scripts for clients, so maybe they can help you. This is the link, Jira Service Management