Child Forum Pages

My apologies if this is a pedantic question, but we are evaluating the Adaptivist Forum plug in and I have a quick question:

I have added the Forum plugin on a page in Confluence so that I can create overarching (category) forum topics and then create child forum topics beneath the main categories. However, when we click on the new topic button, the new entry is not a child of the originating page, Is there a way to do what I am trying to do?


Hi there Marty,

Hope you’re well and thanks for reaching out! That doesn’t sound quite right and could potentially be an bug. When creating a topic using the “Create a new topic” button a new child page should be created and it should also appear in the forum macro table.

Please can you log a support ticket? Our support team will be happy to help troubleshoot the issue for you.

Many thanks,