Create Confluence Page based on a template when New User Created

This Event Listener will automatically create a new page from a template when a new users is created in Confluence.

Use Case: Each time a new hire is on-boarded in Confluence, a Bio page should automatically be created in a particular location in a Space where the new hire can add information about themselves including their past work history and skills.

import com.atlassian.confluence.core.DefaultSaveContext
import com.atlassian.confluence.pages.Page
import com.atlassian.confluence.pages.PageManager
import com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.SpaceManager
import com.atlassian.confluence.user.ConfluenceUser
import com.atlassian.sal.api.component.ComponentLocator
import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder
import com.atlassian.confluence.pages.templates.PageTemplateManager
try {
    def event = event as UserCreateEvent
    def user = event.user as ConfluenceUser
    def pageManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(PageManager)
    def spaceManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(SpaceManager)
    def templateManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(PageTemplateManager)
    def teamSpace = spaceManager.getSpace("HD")
    def template = templateManager.getPageTemplate(10289153)
    def parentPage = pageManager.getPage(10649613)
    assert parentPage
    def targetPage = new Page(title: "${user.fullName} Bio",
        bodyAsString: template.getContent(),
        space: teamSpace,
        parentPage: parentPage
    log.warn targetPage
    pageManager.saveContentEntity(targetPage, DefaultSaveContext.DEFAULT)
    pageManager.saveContentEntity(parentPage, DefaultSaveContext.MINOR_EDIT)
catch (anyException) {
    log.warn("Failed to create page for new user", anyException)
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