Button to help users with Confluence Permission

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Is there a way to create a confluence button on the denied permission page that allow users to know what permission they are missing to view a particular page and also show them who is the space/page administrator?

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amad1101 Button to help users with Confluence Permission

Hi @amad1101 you can create a page that shows all the space admins for your instance so that when users are denied access to a page, they can refer to this page to see who their space admin is and request permissions directly from their space admin.

To do this you can create a Resource connection to the Confluence database. Then you can build a custom macro to make an SQL query to the Confluence database to pull the space admin details and display it on a table on your page. We have a video on this on youtube How to display SQL database results on a Confluence page - YouTube and also the script for the custom macro in our library Display SQL Results from an External Database Macro - Adaptavist Library.

Hope this helps.