Space Statistics plus more information?

We are currently doing a trial of Scriptrunner for Confluence Server and we like Space Statistics which is built-in. However, we would like to get that information plus more. Would it be possible to get the actual code for Space Statistics so that we can add in the rest of the information we would like?

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Hi Gaven,

I’m the Technical Lead for ScriptRunner for Confluence. Thanks for coming to our community and reaching out about Space Statistics.

We’d be really interested in knowing what additional information you’d like the script to produce and what your particular use case is. I’d be happy to give you some pointers about how you can obtain the information you need. Our actual script contains a lot of other intermingled logic that you probably don’t need, so it may be better if we work out exactly what you need.


Hi Josh,
We would like to add the author, creation, and last modified dates for each page in the space. We are preparing for a documentation audit. We have multiple teams looking for this information. Also instead of the URL of each page just the name of the page.