New SR4C Server/DC example scripts and video training now available

12 new example scripts added
We’ve added 12 new scripts for ScriptRunner for Confluence Server/Data Center to the Script Library. Get a breakdown of what they are in our blog post:

Beginner to intermediate training videos
If you want to brush up on your skills with ScriptRunner for Confluence Server/DC we’ve also launched some short training videos that take you through anything from managing content with SR, familiarising yourself with the Confluence Java API to an introduction to Groovy scripting.

There are also videos for users and space admin to teach them how to use Enhanced Search (which uses CQL), macros and space admin built-in scripts.

For full details and to access the videos, see our blog post:


Oh wow, you guys read my mind! “Check Active User Count and Disable Oldest User” might actually be better than sliced bread-- thanks so much for adding this to the Library :grinning:

Hi April, thanks for the feedback and no worries! Glad you found it helpful!

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