Concealing Panels and Page Properties: A Script Runner Approach

I’m trying to conceal certain panels or page properties items across 300 confluence pages. These pages were generated using a template, but the template is malfunctioning with several problems. I’m considering using Script Runner to fulfill this need, if feasible. While I’ve explored “Hide system or plugin UI element,” it doesn’t seem suitable for my requirements (correct me if im wrong).

Can anyone provide a Script Runner feature or example, possibly utilizing Groovy or the Java API, to achieve this?

Hey @rwat090 , I don’t have an answer for you but it is theoretically possible to search for specific words or identifiers and make changes to page properties. However i’m unsure if it is something which can be done easily or if there is a sample.

I recommend you open a support ticket with us for ScriptRunner Confluence Data Center or Cloud.


Ive created a JavaScript which is incorporated into an HTML Macro, designed to conceal panels on a page. The macro has been implemented on several pages through a Groovy script using ScriptRunner. However it’s important to note that this method has a limitation to users with page editing rights are still able to see the panel.