ScriptRunner destroys Page load behind Proxy


We are using an SSLVPN Web Proxy Portal from Fortigate.
The page is working, but it doesn’t load completely all:

We debugged it with a non SSLVPN Proxy connection and saw that we have this error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list in batch.js:5113:239025

This leads us to this code which comes from scriptrunner

We disabled the scriptrunner plugin temporary and then the confluence paged worked perfectly.
So it is a problem with this plugin.

any idea how to fix it?
Confluence 8.6.2 (self hosted)
Scriptrunner 8.28.0

Hi @righter -

We will need more information - please can you open a support ticket at Jira Service Management, so we can get that info privately.

cheers, jamie