Open a Pop Up Window when IssueLinkDeletedEvent is fired

Hello All,

We want to open a Screen to take the approval when some is deleting the linked issue.

Can, I please get some guidance on this topic.

Could you explain what do you mean with “to take the approval”? Also it will be for Cloud or for Server/DC.

Thanks, Ivan.

Hi Ivan,

We have an issuetype(Story) where user can link bugs. When someone is deleting the link between a bug and story we want to open a screen to take certain details for this deleting link.

This is for Jira Data center.

Hi Team, Can you please help us? How we can achieve this feature.

On IssueLinkdeleteEvent
We want to open a screen with JIRA custom fields, where a user should be able to provide the details as needed.

I think it’s not possible to do in the way that you want, but comes to my mind an idea.

  • Using Behaviours, you can make the issue link field as Read Only.
  • Create a transition that don’t change the status of the issue and add your new screen there as a transition screen.
  • Inside this screen, you can add all the fields that you want, and maybe make it mandatory only when the user removes a link.

Let me know what do you think about this solution.
Thanks, Ivan.