Generate new issues in the project of linked issues

An issue in a project has multiple linked issues from different projects. When this issue transitions I want to generate 2 tickets/tasks in the project of each of the linked issues

Issue in project 1 with the following linked issues
project 2 linked issue
project 3 linked issue

project 1 issue transitions to the next workflow state then
generate 2 issues in project 2 for the project 2 linked issue
generate 2 issues in project 3 for the project 3 linked issue

Hi @eileenmarie20 .

Here are some examples of how to work with linked issues even cloud or server, Copy Labels from a Parent Issue to all Linked-issues - Adaptavist Library,, Update Priority Based on Linked Issues - ITSM - Adaptavist Library, Update the Account Field of Linked Issues after a Change of the Account Field on an Epic - Adaptavist Library

and here there is some examples of how to create an issue

If this solution doesn’t fit your needs, we also have a paid service where you can detail your needs, and we develop the script for you.

Thanks, Ivan

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