Use GitHub issues for Task Management and Jira for Project Management

we like to integrate GitHub issues used for Task Management (Team level) with Jira Project management (Planning, Tracking, Resource Mgmt).
Is there a way to script the import of GitHub issues (json) into the jira database?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi @Jens .

There are different possibilities.

  • As you comment, one of them is to use some scripts to make the synchronization.
  • Maybe you can use a JSON with the exported GitHub issues to create the issues in Jira (not sure about it), but you need to do it every day to be updated.
    *Also you can use some tools like Exalate, that facilitate the integration between the tools.
    Maybe there

The adopted solution will depend on if you want to have the synchronization only from GitHub to Jira or in both ways and the time that you want to spend configuring or making the scripts.

Let me know if the answer was helpful to you!
Thanks, Ivan.

Hi @imadero ,

Yes, thanks for the answer. Here is what I had in mind:

I think there shall be only a sync from GitHub to Jira.
Task Management is done in GitHub only which enables a GitOps approach for it.
I think the solution should work like this:

  • There is a “Sync Tasks” Transition in Jira Epics, which would run the Github issues import script via scriptrunner. If the task already exists, it becomes updated, if not a new Task in Jira is created.
    To enable this The GitHub issues need to have e.g. a label that indicates the matching epic issue.

What do you think?
BR, Jens

Yeah, I think it is a good approach. Even you can add a button using script fragments on the Epics to sync the task every time you need.

As GitHub has a well-documented API, making the calls to get the issues won’t be really difficult.
Another thing that maybe you need, is a custom field on Jira issues to store the link to the GitHub Issue, to be able to access it directly, due to the key on the issues probably will be different.

Looks like with this endpoint, you can get all the tasks from GitHub in CSV format, but in my opinion, using the issues endpoint that Gitlab provides, you can obtain a better solution in terms of performance.

Let me know if this is useful for you.
Regards, Ivan.