Setting default value on Asset custom field (multiple checkbox) using a ScriptRunner Behavior

ScriptRunner 8.16.0
JSD 5.4.11


I can’t get an Asset custom field (multiple checkbox) to populate with default values using a ScriptRunner Behavior in JSD in Data Center.

The script is basic, I’m just trying to manually set an option via its label:

def field = getFieldByName("CRM related products")

The Asset custom field’s Filter Scope AQL is objectType = "Products".

I’ve tried using the label (“Catalyst”), the option value (“ACMDB-1”), and the ObjectBean name (“Catalyst (ACMDB-1)”).

When the screen renders, there’s a brief flash of the string “Catalyst” in a select field, which disappears, but then the select field checklist items render. I checked that field element in the inspector, and it was set to display: none. Unhiding it showed me the passed value:
Screenshot 2023-11-21 130616

If anyone can tell me me what I’m missing I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks and best,